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About Us

About Us

Eyebrows are our expertise

Beauty Mark Brows is at the forefront of the cosmetology and the beauty enhancement industry. Our master technicians specialize in customizing individual semi-permanent hair strokes, to highlight one of the most dominant features on your face.

Through our exclusive microblading technique we match and create the unique shape, shade, arch and frame of eyebrows to each individual.

How it all Started

Our company was founded by Mallory Santiago a working mom who saw the need to save time getting ready each day while juggling work, children and life.

One of the most precise things Mallory saw in her beauty routine was making sure each eyebrow was perfectly blended, matched, shaped and arched. Who has that kind of time day after day? Wouldn’t it be great to just get up and go? Mallory created the solution in Beauty Mark Brows and now women around the world are raving about the reality of having one less thing to do with the beauty of a lasting natural product.

Flawless Natural Look

The preferred technique of Beauty Mark Brows is tailor made for the individual on the go and can lasts up to two years when properly maintained.

With the combination of our high-quality products and tools our experienced technicians have perfected the craft of creating an enhanced natural look for all skin types. We are the experts and our goal is to save you time and money while creating a flawless natural look. Book your appointment today to get instant results with Beauty Mark Brows.

Microblading Training

Salons around the world are looking for ways to offer services above the industry standard. To achieve that goal and to meet the growing client demand, Beauty Mark Brows offers businesses and individuals one-on-one training, and group training for certification in the microblading technique.

Enrollment in the Beauty Mark Brows Academy provides students with all of the necessary tools to offer a top-tier service outside of waxing and threading for eyebrow maintenance.

This educational investment pays for itself after just a few weeks of implementation. Employers around the world are seeing the benefits of investing in the educational training offered by Beauty Mark Brows (see our investment calculator).

Our Staff


Mallory Santiago

Master Technician

Mallory is a licensed Esthetician and has been in the Beauty Industry for nearly a decade. Her passion is making every clients feel comfortable in their own skin and enhancing their beauty.

Sarai Santiago

Master Technician

Sarai is a licensed cosmetologist/esthetician and salon educator for over 16 Years. Trust and making sure her clients are relaxed is her number one priority.

Learn Microblading

Want to learn the hottest, newest permanent makeup technique in the beauty industry? We’ve trained hundreds of students to offer microblading services independently.